Explore one of the most areas in Corsica

select image Explore one of the most areas in Corsica Explore one of the most areas in Corsica Explore one of the most areas in Corsica Explore one of the most areas in Corsica Explore one of the most areas in Corsica

Explore one of the most areas in Corsica

Discover Costa Verde ...

Costa Verde is a beautiful lush green setting whose ideal geographical situation makes it very easy to get to. Bordered by long stretches of fine sandy beaches, this region also has a marina which will enable sailors to moor their boats. The destination also offers a vast number of activities: from beaches with gentle slopes, ideal for children, to big thrills with extreme sports and a varied and preserved heritage, everyone will find how to have a great time in Costa Verde.

A mountainous scenery, a wide variety of landscapes and the sea in the distance constitute so many charms that will turn your Corsican holiday into an unforgettable experience.
Discover its picturesque villages nestled in the mountains while overlooking the sea, and take time to meet the local craftsmen and producers who are proud to perpetuate the Corsican traditions and know-how (hand-made knives, pottery, organic products, essential oils, cosmetics, …)
Feel close to the nature thanks to the numerous hikes and walks offered to you…
Fishing, swimming or diving into the rivers, walking or pony-trekking along the hiking trails, are only a few of the activities you will be able to enjoy for a day in the mountains to get away from it all.

Another asset of Costa Verde is its central situation in Corsica. Here more than anywhere else, you are within easy reach of all the jewels Corsica has to offer, while being back home in the evening. No more than two hours away from all the main regions as Balagne, Castagniccia, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, the centre of the island or even Cap Corse, Costa Verde will enable you to savour all the delights of Corsica.

If you arrive in Castagniccia ...

Don’t forget to discover the Orezza waters whose content in bicarbonate of iron is so high that the running water is orange. The most famous spring is the Orezza source, our local sparkling water. You will be able to visit the factory hidden away in the hills and whose site is a great example of the industrial architecture in the 19th century.

Along with Costa Verde, Costa Serena is another place worth visiting ...

Diversity and Tradition ...

Focus on the small and surreal village E Rosse in Ghisoni. Situated above Lake Sampolo, this abandoned village seems to be frozen in time.

Focus on the Diana Tower in Aleria: an ancient Genoese tower situated at the mouth of the Etang de Diana (a place to visit absolutely) where you will be able to taste the locally grown oysters and mussels.



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